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How to buy a computer for school

Can you believe we have to start thinking about school again?!?! Didn’t the year just end? Normally, schools require computers to complete classwork, homework, and research. A decent computer is necessary to attend to all that plus the possibility of needing to attend online classes. The question you should ask when deciding to buy a […]

Work from the beach (but really, don’t!)

It’s summer. You’re at the beach. You need to finish up some details to close a last-minute deal. You need to access that critical file because you’re the only one that can handle it. You’re out of luck, right? Not so fast! There are many ways to remotely, and securely, access business resources outside the […]

Why CISA’s Threat Advisory to MSPs Matters to You

The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released an alert last week, May 11, advising MSPs “of recent reports that observe an increase in malicious cyber activity targeting managed service providers (MSPs) and [we] expect this trend to continue.” They also released guidance for MSPs and their customers to reduce the risk of falling victim […]

What is Multi-factor Authentication and why should I use it?

Wikipedia defines multi-factor authentication (also commonly referred to as MFA or 2FA) as a login method requiring two or more pieces of the following: knowledge (something only the user knows, like a username/password combination), possession (something only the user has, such as an app on their cell phone or a security token), inherence (something the […]

CBTech Tip: buying a computer for school

Can you believe it is almost time for school again?!?! Normally, schools require computers to complete classwork, homework, and research. With everyone attending school remotely to complete this past year, and the uncertainty surrounding in-person classes in the fall, a decent computer is necessary. When deciding to buy a new computer for school, or for […]

Password Managers

So many *choose your own explicative* passwords to remember with different requirements!!! Ugh, there must be a way to remember them all without writing them on post-it notes!! Hello Password Manager! What is a password manager and why should I use one? According to Wikipedia, a password manager “assists in generating and retrieving complex passwords, […]